Comprehensive insurance

M&D Foundations comprehensive insurance policy, underwritten by Aspen Insurance UK Ltd, and is available for all the works undertaken by the company, whether new build, extensions, remedial or improvement to industrial, commercial or domestic projects and offers our clients the confidence that in the event of the company ceasing to trade, its liabilities under the contract will be met.

This cover is applicable to all M&D Foundations contracts where a guarantee has been issued and includes the following benefits:

  • 12 year term.
  • Covers for defects in design, installation and materials failure.
  • Includes for all the contract works.
  • Covers for damage to the superstructure consequent upon M&D's works failure.
  • Is applicable on the works undertaken to a property, not to an individual and it therefore not restricted by any subsequent sales of the property.
  • The cover limit is not restricted to the value of the original contract sum.
  • Remedial works cover at prices current at the date of claim.

As with all insurance, please read the policy documents for the full details.