Augered pile solutions

As building costs escalate and land values are at a premium, more and more clients are looking to utilise their existing land by building or incorporating basements to provide more accommodation space within their existing boundaries.

As the very nature of the works generally means that they are being undertaken in close proximity to existing buildings, the method of choice is an augered pile solution as they cause the minimum of vibrations and are one of the quietest forms of piling available.

M&D Foundations' extensive fleet of piling rigs allow us to offer Continuous Flight Auger (C.F.A.), Sectional Flight Auger (S.F.A.) and Open Hole Auger (O.H.A.) facilities, sized to suit the parameters of the site under consideration.

Project large & small

M&D Foundations dedicated team have worked on contracts large and small and no matter how difficult the site restrictions or the obstacles to be overcome, our experienced engineers and estimators will produce a practical, cost-efficient solution keeping pile diameters and depths to a minimum, helping to ensure that budgets and timescales are met.

Pile range available

We are able to offer both contiguous and secant walling options