Start off on the right footing

M&D Foundations engineered piled solutions to problematic ground conditions recognise the value of pile testing both in terms of quality management and risk reduction.

M&D Foundations are able to offer the following pile testing options through their network of accredited specialists. As all our testing specialists are independent companies the clients can be reassured as to the quality of testing and the integrity of the results.


Dynamic load testing

This widely used method of load testing is a quick and economic alternative to the more traditional static load testing. The pile head is struck by a known weight and the stress waves produced are computer analysed to predict a variety of pile performance data.

Static load testing

The 'traditional' method of load testing. There are two commonly used methods.

Kentledge system

Whereby the required loads are placed directly on the pile / piles to be tested and the settlement over a given timescale is measured.

Jacking system

Whereby hydraulic jacks are used against a steel beam restrained by anchor piles, the piles' performance is measured against applied loads. The jacking system also allows for the piles to be tested against tension loads.

Integrity testing

This commonly used economical test is used to detect defects through the pile and is mostly used on augered / CFA piles. The pile is connected to a computer, the prepared top of the pile is struck and the sonic waves through the pile are measured.